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Other Services

Building Measuring Services

Digital drawings based on what currently exists at a location. Based on your needs, we go to a site and measure the following:

  1. Define the property lines of building/rental space.

  2. Clearly identify building/rental space on the said property.

  3. Parking: Number and location of all parking spaces (including handicap) and any driveways on site.


Specs of building/storefront space (* if applicable):

  • Structural location and thickness of outside walls

  • Location of all inside walls (structural and non-structural)

  • *Demising walls location and thickness

  • *Type of building structure

  •  Measuring of finished floor to base of the structure

  •  Ceiling type(s) and height(s) thereof

  • *Floor finishes and/or raised & lowered flooring

  •  Restroom locations & fixtures

  • *Water heater location and size

  •  HVAC units (size, location, and quantity)

  •  Windows (size, location, and quantity)

  •  Storefronts (size, location)

  •  Doors (size, location, hardware)

  •  Wall openings and thickness

  •  Light fixtures (location, type, quantity)

  •  Main electric panel and meter location

  • *Gas meter location

  • *Water meter location

  • *Telecommunications backboard

  • *Location of the main pylon and main building signage    ​


Site Review Services

Review: While measuring and drawing the existing interior and exterior of your space, we take pictures of each room and all equipment related to the building and site. We then compile the pictures and information into a report, which reflects the location within Auto-CAD© drawing under "Building Pic Tags" and "Site Pic Tags". This gives a reference to the location and its general condition at the time of the "Site Review". While Taking Pictures we inspect the following (* if applicable):

  •  Walls

  • *Roof

  •  Doors

  • *Windows

  • *HVAC

  • *Ceiling 

  •  Floors

  • *Electrical Fixtures

  • *Plumbing Fixtures

  • *Etc

RiteSite Sample Report edited.png
Check out our sample report- click the image
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